XMPCore ActionScript Library API Summary

These are the most important classes defined in the Adobe XMP Library for ActionScript, in order of their significance. Each class name is linked to complete API details, including constructors, properties, class methods and instance methods.


The XMP data-model object containing the top-level properties of a metadata tree. Derived from the base class XMPNode.


A simple property that represents a literal value, a leaf node of  XMP metadata tree. Derived from the base class XMPNode.


A structured property that stores named child fields.  Derived from the base class XMPNode.


A list of indexed child properties. Derived from the base class XMPNode.


A qualifier that describes an XMP property.  Derived from the base class XMPNode.


A date-time compatible with ISO 8601 (used by XMP).


Options to configure the XMP parser.


Options to configure packet serialization.


Constants for namespaces.


Encapsulates all exceptions occurring in the library.


Constants for all error codes that can occur in an exception.

The API also makes use of the built-in ActionScript classes QName, Namespace and XML; see ActionScript documentation for details.

Dynamic properties

Each XMPMeta object contains the top-level properties of the metadata tree as dynamic object properties, which can be addressed using dot and bracket notation, and fully-qualified names. See details and examples in Accessing dynamic properties.



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